Release 7.4

The Wine development release 7.4 is now available.

What's new in this release:

  • 'Light' theme enabled by default.
  • Bundled vkd3d library.
  • WineD3D, D3D12 and DXGI modules converted to PE.
  • More large scale cleanups to support 'long' type.
  • Various bug fixes.

Bugs fixed in 7.4 (total 14):

  • #20296 Multiple apps crash due missing support for COM dll surrogate, dllhost.exe (League of Legends 08_18_2009_04, 3Dmark03, 3Dmark05, 3Dmark06)
  • #41053 RawInput (RegisterRawInputDevices) does not work for gamepads
  • #48508 Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy freezing in stable Wine 5.0
  • #50887 cannot read/run/open some files
  • #52204 Vibration on DualSense controller works incorrectly in all Games
  • #52476 QuickLOAD: wine 7 causes VB5 application to change input value by factor 10
  • #52562 advapi32:registry fails in Wine because some French timezone name translations are too long
  • #52581 Internet MIDI crashes with Light Blue theme enabled
  • #52596 The Godfather main menu cursor and text not rendered correctly
  • #52614 API set DLLs fail to load on Arch Linux with "failed to load apiset: c0000482"
  • #52618 32-bit EXEs do not launch from build dir on macOS 10.14 in WOW64
  • #52626 MahjongSoul needs unimplemented function combase.dll.RoSetErrorReportingFlags
  • #52637 comctl32:listbox test_LBS_NODATA() fails in the Japanese and Chinese locales
  • #52639 comctl32:toolbar test_visual() fails in Wine with the Light theme