Release 7.14

The Wine development release 7.14 is now available.

What's new in this release:

  • More progress on syscall interface for USER32.
  • Improved font fallbacks in DirectWrite.
  • Some fixes for socket shutdowns.
  • Various bug fixes.

Bugs fixed in 7.14 (total 19):

  • #36711 Sid Meier's Civilization IV crashes while loading saved game ( complete, Colonization, Warlords, Beyond the Sword)('winetricks -q msxml3' is a workaround)
  • #39987 Multiple applications need 'shell32.SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems' implementation to open explorer window with specified items in particular folder selected (Firefox 42.0, Windows 95 Electron app)
  • #50624 Waves Central 12.0.5 fails to start: call pywintypes.error: (1336, 'AddAccesAllowedAce', 'Invalid ACL.')
  • #51616 Unravel Two crashes on intro
  • #52594 Rust applications using the tokio library abort with "failed to park" error
  • #52673 Missing IShellItemImageFactory implementation for ShellItem.
  • #52773 wine prefix is not to ready to use after running wineboot
  • #52815 Adobe Digital Editions 2.0.1 hangs during install
  • #53058 Incorrect socket reconnect behavior for DGRAM sockets
  • #53105 Certain specific dialogue boxes are permanently fullscreen
  • #53106 Icons not rendering properly in the window titlebar
  • #53189 Cheat Engine crashes when opening a drop-down menu
  • #53289 Unimplemented richedit ITextDocument::Undo and ITextDocument::Redo causes extraneous undo entries
  • #53307 World of Tanks broken with wined3d's Vulkan renderer
  • #53310 Roblox Fails With HttpSendRequest
  • #53348 Can't input anything with CJK input method (fcitx).
  • #53349 Sigma Data Center fails to sync with Sigma Cloud
  • #53372 Total War Shogun 2 spews RtlLeaveCriticalSection() section is not acquired errors in 3D scenes.
  • #53411 Wrong font is used in NtUserDrawCaptionTemp()