Release 6.3

The Wine development release 6.3 is now available.

What's new in this release:

  • Better debugger support in the NT syscall interface.
  • WineGStreamer library converted to PE.
  • Still more WinRT support in WIDL.
  • Optional support for build IDs.
  • Various bug fixes.

Bugs fixed in 6.3 (total 24):

  • #3591 py2exe needs partial imagehlp.BindImageEx implementation
  • #17184 Achieve Planner 1.9.0 (.NET 1.1 app) requires explicit native override of mscoree.dll or mscoree.dll.StrongNameSignatureVerificationEx faking success
  • #21234 Monopoly Deluxe (Zylom Games) v1.0 installer crash at the end of the installation
  • #32742 Logos 4.x-9.x Bible software web-installer fails download files via BITS (client registered job notification callback not called)
  • #35637 Seagate Crystal Enterprise 8.0: 'inputfileserver.exe' service needs msvcirt.dll.??0fstream@@QAE@XZ
  • #40748 32-bit iTunes Unusable UI
  • #44629 Process Hacker can't enumerate handles [needs NtQuerySystemInformation(SystemExtendedHandleInformation)]
  • #45132 CommonObjects tool (.NET app) from Google sandbox-attacksurface-analysis-tools v1.1.x needs 'ntdll.NtQuerySystemInformation' to support 'SystemExtendedHandleInformation'
  • #45374 Yet Another Process Monitor (.NET 2.0 app) reports System.AccessViolationException ('ntdll.NtQueryObject' needs to support 'ObjectTypesInformation' info class)
  • #46238 Cxbx crashes on unimplemented function vcomp140.dll.C2VectParallel
  • #46962 Macromedia Director Player 4.x based games (16-bit NE) fail to run: "This program requires at least 4MB free memory to run." (The Rock)
  • #47507 Regression: can't return to full-screen Civilization IV BTS window after Alt+Tab-ing to desktop since wine 4.10
  • #48618 Multiple applications show black client area on startup ( Game Center, Electron based apps)('--disable-gpu' command line parameter is a workaround)
  • #49689 WRC 4 crashes on loading a race (needs IXACT3EngineImpl_PrepareWave implementation)
  • #50150 ODBC applications fail to create DSNs due to 'odbccp32.SQLWriteDSNToIni' stub
  • #50581 Far Manager v3.0: cursor position is off by one
  • #50620 Multiple applications crash due to DHTMLEdit 'IOleObject::GetMiscStatus' stub (Atomic Mail Sender 4.25, RSSeditor 0.9.54, High Impact eMail 5)
  • #50652 Steam enters endless restarting cycle after launching any game
  • #50653 Wine fails to build with clang-10.0 as a crosscompiler
  • #50670 wineg++ cannot compile programs using shobjidl.h as of Wine 6.2
  • #50672 .toString() implementation VT_CY behaves as if .toLocaleString() was used
  • #50701 Multiple 32-bit ARM Thumb-2 applications cause loader to output warnings during relocation processing (Miranda, Notepad2)
  • #50713 Commit a8856381 ("ntdll: Use xsavec in x86_64 syscall dispatcher.") breaks 64-bit Wine (wine-6.2-264-ga8856381)
  • #50723 Can't recognize ... as an internal or external command, or batch script