Release 6.21

The Wine development release 6.21 is now available.

What's new in this release:

  • WinSpool, GPhoto, and a few other modules converted to PE.
  • Better support for inline functions in DbgHelp.
  • Beginnings of a MSDASQL implementation.
  • Various bug fixes.

Bugs fixed in 6.21 (total 26):

  • #38420 Sticky mouse with xinput2
  • #43546 Multiple programs crash with unimplemented function vcomp{100,110,140}.dll._vcomp_for_static_simple_init_i8 (Astrotoaster, Gaea-, easyHDR 3.13.0, SimIon, BlueSkyPlan)
  • #44055 Multiple applications fail to run in Win7+ mode, requiring DWM composition API support to be enabled (Aero Glass, transparent windows)(Affinity Designer 1.x, Electron-based apps using isAeroGlassEnabled API)
  • #46000 SuperTux 0.6.0 nightly build crashes inside ucrtbase _FindAndUnlinkFrame
  • #46472 Linux kernel 4.19 breaks startup of Call of Duty: Black Ops II due to change in PTRACE_POKEUSER hw breakpoint behavior
  • #46801 Hitman: Sniper Challenge crashes on startup when using FAudio
  • #48377 Home Designer Suite hangs on mouse button release when drawing wall
  • #48791 Multiple games have sound stuttering when using FAudio (Sniper Elite series, Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster, Homesick, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger)
  • #48981 Riot Vanguard (Riot Games) needs Microsoft Kernel Mode Cryptographic Primitives Library 'cng.sys'
  • #50088 Memento Mori needs WMReaderAdvanced2_OpenStream
  • #51267 Rise of Legends Demo crashes with null pointer exception inside SAXReader::parseURL
  • #51628 Samsung SDK 1.2.2 for Java ME: Black window
  • #51677 Resident Evil 4 HD crashes when gameplay starts
  • #51684 quartz:systemclock gets out of order timestamps on Windows
  • #51719 _pclose() does not cause child stdin to report EOF
  • #51815 DocumentProperties broken by last update (x64 only)
  • #51851 Resident Evil 6 stops to a black screen instead of playing videos (needs WMSyncReader_GetOutputCount)
  • #51856 access violation at emfdc_delete_object+0x17
  • #51911 vbscript does not handle strings in if clauses
  • #51914 Color picker doesn't render with custom themes
  • #51917 Internet Explorer 8 crashes when visiting on unimplemented function dxtrans.dll.DllGetClassObject
  • #51919 New sal.h macros break libstdc++ includes in wineg++
  • #51921 Multiple games crash due to assertion failures in bundled FAudio (Unreal Engine 4 games, Skyrim SE)
  • #51926 Wine fails to build with glibc headers < 2.24
  • #51937 Resident Evil 6 stops to a black screen instead of playing videos (needs WMSyncReader_GetOutputProps)
  • #51951 configure says that libsane development files are not found even though they are present