Release 6.19

The Wine development release 6.19 is now available.

What's new in this release:

  • IPHlpApi, NsiProxy, WineDbg and a few other modules converted to PE.
  • More HID joystick work.
  • Kernel parts of GDI moved to Win32u.
  • More work towards Dwarf 3/4 debug support.
  • Various bug fixes.

Bugs fixed in 6.19 (total 22):

  • #30760 Open Metronome (WAV version) crashes on exit
  • #32252 Corel Painter 12 EULA next button greyed out no matter what
  • #37167 IEC 61850 v2.02 example client expects 'wine_pcap_findalldevs_ex' to return adapter names in '://\Device\NPF_' format
  • #37208 FreeOrion hangs when starting a quick game
  • #44336 PureBasic x64 IDE crashes when launching online help ("F1" key)
  • #47334 TP-Link PLC utility 2.2 crashes on startup with native 'packet.dll' (part of WinPcap)('wine_pcap_findalldevs' needs to handle empty adapter description)
  • #47505 Levelhead: Fatal error when attempting to access the game's servers when logged in
  • #49344 Implement kernelbase.GetModuleFileNameW using ntdll.LdrGetDllFullName
  • #49433 MikuMikuMoving v1275 hangs on startup
  • #50857 Darksiders Warmastered Edition crashes before starting an intro
  • #51199 Mass Effect Legendary missing api-ms-win-core-psapi-l1-1-0 and api-ms-win-core-psapi-ansi-l1-1-0 function forwards
  • #51504 Multiple games crash before gameplay starts/entering main menu (Control Ultimate Edition, A Plague Tale: Innocence)
  • #51774 quartz:mpegsplit triggers an assertion in winegstreamer's src_seek_data()
  • #51778 ws2_32:sock crashes due to a double free
  • #51789 Fatal crash in gdi32 during initialization
  • #51818 Reporting packet length is always 0
  • #51822 Simucube 2 TrueDrive: Doesn't recognize the steering wheel device
  • #51824 TrueDrive, SimHub, Fanaleds,etc.: Non smooth movement tracking with severe skipping/jumping of the steering wheel/controller axis
  • #51828 Simucube 2: All applications using raw HID access to communicate with devices, stopped tracking steering axis movement
  • #51831 TrueDrive: On start shows an alert that the steering wheel is turned around too close to the bump stops, while the wheel is actually aligned on top center
  • #51837 Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales fails to play intro videos
  • #51838 No splash window while creating prefix