Release 6.10

The Wine development release 6.10 is now available.

What's new in this release:

  • Mono engine updated to version 6.2.0, with upstream updates.
  • Shell folders naming scheme follows recent Windows.
  • WinePulse library converted to PE.
  • More math functions from Musl in the C runtime.
  • Various bug fixes.

Bugs fixed in 6.10 (total 25):

  • #15781 Multiple Office/MSAccess applications fail on startup due to 'ICreateTypeInfo2_fnDeleteImplType' stub (AllInOne-Office 4.x/5.11, Acclaim Cashbook)
  • #29903 Multiple games and applications fail to enumerate processes due to 'wtsapi32.WTSEnumerateProcessesW' stub (Visual Studio 2005, .NET 2.0 SDK DbgCLR, Akamai DL Manager, Dekaron)
  • #31310 TIE: Fighter: Collectors Edition (1998 Tie Fighter collectors series, remake of the original 1995 DOS version) crashes on startup
  • #34746 Dino Crisis Demo doesn't play video sequences even though Indeo codecs are installed
  • #36010 Changing font resolution on winecfg changes default main font to Tahoma
  • #41253 GZDoom Builder 2.3 (.NET 3.5 app) crashes with Wine-Mono when trying to open new project or existing map
  • #46320 Multiple applications and games need support for Windows Vista+ User Shell Folder layout, specifically 'Local AppData' (Amazon Kindle for PC)
  • #47180 Nocturne unhandled exception bug on startup
  • #47915 League of Legends 9.20: Crash after champ select
  • #48043 user32:dce has a pair of random failures
  • #48094 Simplify debugging test timeouts
  • #48507 osu! icons in the setting and music player are not being rendered
  • #49663 Performance regression in TrackMania Nations Forever
  • #49801 Freight Yard Manager 5.x crashes on start with wine-mono
  • #50147 Microsoft WebView2 "evergreen bootstrapper"/installer needs IStream::CopyTo()
  • #50224 Grand Theft Auto 4: Crashes when starting the game
  • #50366 Starcraft Remastered fails to create a local LAN game (needs undocumented socket "recv" ioctl 0x12014)
  • #50613 several Wine Mono tests fail to load a referenced assembly on x86_64
  • #50974 Multiple applications fail to open \Device\Afd\xxx with non-empty final element (Rust applications using the Mio or Smol libraries, Starcraft Remastered)
  • #50975 Multiple applications need an implementation of undocumented socket "poll" ioctl 0x12027 (Rust applications using the Mio or Smol libraries, Starcraft Remastered)
  • #50987 dinput8:device fails on the w10pro64_fr TestBot VM
  • #50988 New ProcessBasicInformation() failure in kernel32:process
  • #50989 ntdll:time: New intermittent QpcSystemTimeIncrement failure
  • #51188 test_user_shared_data() fails in ntdll:virtual
  • #51209 Regression: Wine-mono installers in the parent folder of build trees can not be found