Release 5.9

The Wine development release 5.9 is now available.

What's new in this release:

  • Major progress on the WineD3D Vulkan backend.
  • Initial support for splitting dlls into PE and Unix parts.
  • Support for generating PDB files when building PE dlls.
  • Timestamp updates in the Kernel User Shared Data.
  • Various bug fixes.

Bugs fixed in 5.9 (total 28):

  • #15489 Build should optionally produce .pdb file suitable for use with symbol server
  • #29168 Multiple games and applications need realtime updates to KSYSTEM_TIME members in KUSER_SHARED_DATA (Star Wars: The Old Republic game client, Blizzard games, GO 1.4+ runtime, Denuvo Anti-Tamper x64 #2)
  • #29806 Hype The Time Quest: DirectX Media (DXM) v6.0 runtime installer fails (advpack.ExecuteCab should extract the INF from CAB before running the install part)
  • #30814 Age of Empires II scrolling gets stuck after Alt-Tab away and back
  • #42125 4k/8k demos often fail with 'Bad EXE Format' or 'error c0000020' due to Crinkler executable file compressor's "optimized" usage of PE header fields (loader compatibility)
  • #43959 webservices/reader tests fail on arm
  • #43960 rpcrt4/cstub tests fail on arm
  • #43962 msvcrt/string tests fail on arm
  • #44860 4k/8k demos crash due to Crinkler executable file compressor expecting PEB address in %ebx on process entry
  • #48186 every wine process shows a definite leak in dlls/ntdll/env.c
  • #48289 Grand Theft Auto 5 crashes after loading (GTA5 expects Vista+ PEB_LDR_DATA structure fields)
  • #48441 mouse coordinates cannot exceed initial desktop size during startup of wineserver
  • #48471 Mismatching behavior of GetEnvironmentVariableW for empty / long values
  • #48490 Restored minimized windows have wrong height
  • #48775 Microsoft Teams 1.3.x crashes on unimplemented function IPHLPAPI.DLL.NotifyRouteChange2
  • #49105 Deus Ex GOTY fails to start with Direct3D renderer
  • #49115 Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 (2018) fail to launch in DX11 mode
  • #49128 Good Company crash on launch
  • #49130 NVIDIA RTX Voice installer crashes on unimplemented function setupapi.dll.SetupDiGetActualSectionToInstallExW
  • #49131 wineboot fails to start
  • #49139 Regression: Wine crashes on startup on FreeBSD >= 5.7
  • #49140 Windows 10 SDK installer hangs on startup
  • #49142 Horizontal mouse scroll events (X11 buttons 6 and 7) should not be translated to back/forward events
  • #49146 Hearts of Iron IV needs api-ms-win-crt-private-l1-1-0.dll._o_sin
  • #49173 widl generates invalid code for Gecko's ISimpleDOM.idl
  • #49175 Duplicated checking canonicalized inside kernelbase/path.c
  • #49200 Steam hangs after login
  • #49203 Possible incorrect usage >= instead <= in shlview.c