Release 5.0-rc5

The Wine development release 5.0-rc5 is now available.

What's new in this release:

  • Bug fixes only, we are in code freeze.

Bugs fixed in 5.0-rc5 (total 19):

  • #9609 graphical glitches running Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Demo (need better FBO stencil buffer support)
  • #25728 UFO: Extraterrestrials Gold - crash at start caused by wine's built-in dsound/directmusic
  • #34041 Skyrim (Steam) hangup on quit
  • #34379 Splinter Cell: Blacklist voice stuttering
  • #35194 Emperor: Battle for Dune does not show compressed textures
  • #40720 Splinter Cell: Blacklist changing sound level has no effect
  • #40721 Splinter Cell: Blacklist some voices/sounds overlap each other
  • #40859 Builtin wbemprox.dll load error for multiple games (Colin McRae DiRT 2, Burnout Paradise)
  • #42558 The Old City: Leviathan sound periodically has crackle effect
  • #42930 Graphical glitches in "Giants Citizen Kabuto"
  • #45323 Rayman Origins, UPlay: Sound effects don't work but music and ambience do
  • #45396 The Evil Within: no audio in game
  • #46972 Adobe DNG Converter 11.2+ runs into Call to unimplemented function api-ms-win-core-winrt-error-l1-1-0.dll.GetRestrictedErrorInfo
  • #47974 X Rebirth - wined3d GL_INVALID_OPERATION dimensions must be identical with current filtering modes
  • #48293 App lags when clicking UI elements
  • #48357 Wine 5.0-rc2 prevents multiple apps from connecting to servers (Origin; Dungeons and Dragons Online; Lord Of the Rings Online)
  • #48415 The Magic School Bus Explores The Solar System fails to install
  • #48417 32-bit PE 'kernelbase.dll' has default imagebase 0x10000000 when built with llvm-mingw, preventing non-relocatable native executables from being loaded
  • #48420 Warframe equipment mouse-overs no longer highlight the item