msvcrt: Implement dynamic string container

Closed Stefan Rentsch requested to merge restet/wine-personal:msvcrt_internal_string into master

Many code sections still use fixed-size arrays on stack - or even worse - strcat in combination with strings of unknown length. This MR/PR provides general purpose Wine-internal functions for safer string handling. The functions are currently header-only to not pollute msvcrt exports.

The API was written for an upcoming shell32/shlexec patch (WIP) to properly fix possible stack corruptions due to out-of-bounds writes for unexpected long paths or URLs. This is a dynamic container inspired by C++ std::string / std::vector with wide/narrow conversion and formatted text. Growth factor = 2 for simplicity.

Differences to STRING/UNICODE_STRING (RtlCreateUnicodeString and similar):

  • No USHORT length limitation
  • Actual dynamic resizable container
  • String formatting and conversion support
  • Short and consistent API naming

New test added to msvcrt: winestring

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