ntdll: Add CFI unwind info to __wine_syscall_dispatcher (x86_64)

This change is adding DWARF (CFI) unwind information to the hand-written assembly of the __wine_syscall_dispatcher function. This enables unwinding through the dispatcher from the Linux stack into (and through) the Windows stack.

The general idea is that the syscall_frame struct contains the content of the callee-save registers before the function call (in particular the stack pointer and the return address). At any point of the execution, we have a pointer into the syscall_frame in $rcx, $rbp or $rsp.

For the CFI codes the general idea is that we are defining the computations of the callee-save registers based on the syscall_frame using DWARF’s breg instruction, rather than relative to CFA.

This change adds a bunch of convenience macros, to (hopefully) improve readability of the CFI instructions.

Note: Those change was used with great success for unwinding through the dispatcher using a modified LLDB shown in the “how-wine-works-101” blog post as well as for in the Orbit profiler, that has mixed-callstack unwinding support.

Test: Inspect callstacks reported by the Orbit profiler while running some Windows targets using the modified wine, as well as verify debugging reports correct callstacks when stepping with our modified LLDB through the dispatcher itself (so that we are able to unwind through the dispatcher at any instruction).

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