Commit ee131e9e authored by Santino Mazza's avatar Santino Mazza Committed by Alexandre Julliard
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riched20/tests: When selection is out of view, the scrollbar should move.

Signed-off-by: Santino Mazza's avatarSantino Mazza <>
parent 1381ced8
......@@ -5018,6 +5018,24 @@ static void check_EM_SETSEL(HWND hwnd, const struct exsetsel_s *setsel, int id)
id, setsel->expected_getsel_start, setsel->expected_getsel_end, start, end);
/* When the selection is out of the windows view, the scrollbar should move. */
static void check_EM_SETSEL_multiline(HWND hwnd)
int oldY;
int curY;
const char textwithlines[] = "This is a text\n"
"with lines\n"
"I expect this text\n"
"to be\nlarge\nenough\n";
SendMessageA(hwnd, WM_SETTEXT, 0, (LPARAM)textwithlines);
oldY = get_scroll_pos_y(hwnd);
SendMessageA(hwnd, EM_SETSEL, 59, 59);
curY = get_scroll_pos_y(hwnd);
ok(oldY < curY, "oldY %d >= curY %d\n", oldY, curY);
static void test_EM_SETSEL(void)
char buffA[32] = {0};
......@@ -5058,6 +5076,8 @@ static void test_EM_SETSEL(void)
ok(sel_end == 8, "Selection end incorrectly: %d expected 8\n", sel_end);
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