Commit e604f3e2 authored by Hugh McMaster's avatar Hugh McMaster Committed by Alexandre Julliard
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regedit: Use zero as a REG_DWORD/REG_QWORD default if edit control is empty.

parent cf9e6b3b
......@@ -235,6 +235,8 @@ static INT_PTR CALLBACK modify_dword_dlgproc(HWND hwndDlg, UINT msg, WPARAM wpar
case IDOK:
params = (struct edit_params *)GetWindowLongPtrW(hwndDlg, DWLP_USER);
if (!SendDlgItemMessageW(hwndDlg, IDC_VALUE_DATA, EM_LINELENGTH, 0, 0))
SetDlgItemTextW(hwndDlg, IDC_VALUE_DATA, L"0");
ret = update_registry_value(hwndDlg, params);
/* fall through */
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