Commit a5322fc9 authored by Zebediah Figura's avatar Zebediah Figura Committed by Alexandre Julliard
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rpcrt4: Make NdrClientCall2() SEH-compatible.

parent 5d01faed
......@@ -1005,12 +1005,12 @@ LONG_PTR CDECL DECLSPEC_HIDDEN ndr_client_call( PMIDL_STUB_DESC pStubDesc, PFORM
#ifdef __x86_64__
__ASM_GLOBAL_FUNC( NdrClientCall2,
"movq %r8,0x18(%rsp)\n\t"
"movq %r9,0x20(%rsp)\n\t"
"leaq 0x18(%rsp),%r8\n\t"
"xorq %r9,%r9\n\t"
"subq $0x28,%rsp\n\t"
__ASM_CFI(".cfi_adjust_cfa_offset 0x28\n\t")
"movq %r8,0x40(%rsp)\n\t"
"movq %r9,0x48(%rsp)\n\t"
"leaq 0x40(%rsp),%r8\n\t"
"xorq %r9,%r9\n\t"
"call " __ASM_NAME("ndr_client_call") "\n\t"
"addq $0x28,%rsp\n\t"
__ASM_CFI(".cfi_adjust_cfa_offset -0x28\n\t")
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