Commit 8e27f6c2 authored by Akihiro Sagawa's avatar Akihiro Sagawa Committed by Alexandre Julliard
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mciqtz32: Show the default video window when switching from another one.

Signed-off-by: Akihiro Sagawa's avatarAkihiro Sagawa <>
parent 6f7c0c76
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......@@ -1010,6 +1010,8 @@ static DWORD MCIQTZ_mciWindow(UINT wDevID, DWORD dwFlags, LPMCI_DGV_WINDOW_PARMS
if (wma->parent == wma->window)
ShowWindow(wma->window, SW_HIDE);
else if (hwnd == wma->window)
ShowWindow(wma->window, SW_SHOW);
wma->parent = hwnd;
......@@ -1695,7 +1695,7 @@ static void test_video_window(void)
err = mciSendCommandW(id, MCI_WINDOW, MCI_DGV_WINDOW_HWND, (DWORD_PTR)&parm);
ok(!err, "Got %s.\n", dbg_mcierr(err));
ok(IsWindowVisible(main_window), "Main window should be shown.\n");
todo_wine ok(IsWindowVisible(video_window), "Video window should be shown.\n");
ok(IsWindowVisible(video_window), "Video window should be shown.\n");
err = mciSendCommandW(id, MCI_WHERE, MCI_DGV_WHERE_DESTINATION, (DWORD_PTR)&parm);
ok(!err, "Got %s.\n", dbg_mcierr(err));
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