Commit 802016d0 authored by Stefan Dösinger's avatar Stefan Dösinger Committed by Alexandre Julliard
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include/test.h: Don't use strcasecmp.

Fixes building tests in Visual Studio with msvc's own crt headers.
parent a63d7c06
......@@ -743,7 +743,7 @@ int main( int argc, char **argv )
if (GetEnvironmentVariableA( "WINETEST_COLOR", p, sizeof(p) ))
BOOL automode = !strcasecmp(p, "auto");
BOOL automode = !strcmp(p, "auto");
winetest_color = automode ? isatty( fileno( stdout ) ) : atoi(p);
/* enable ANSI support for Windows console */
if (winetest_color)
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